I’m born in 1986, I’ve majored in philosophy and hold a minor in art history, and I’m currently enrolled in computer science classes. Whenever I find the time, I read and write.

This blog contains reviews of Scandinavian literature that I really like and that I think deserves a wider readership.

The intended readership includes publishers with an interest in translating Scandinavian literature. Therefore, I write about books which I judge are worth translating. I hope the blog will also be read by people with a non-professional but general interest in good and contemporary literature.

If you are interested in having a review of a publication on the blog, you are welcome to send it to me. But please remember that I will only write about it, if I really like it. You can send me an email on jonarnfred [a] gmail . com


2 responses to “About

  1. Pei-Sze Chow

    Hello Jon,

    We are a group of researchers from London and are starting an English-language Danish review with a focus on Danish literature and culture. We’d like to get in touch via e-mail and hopefully invite you to contribute an article or two, if you are interested.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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